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Xanthan Gum Description

- Mar 26, 2015 -


Xanthan gum description
Xanthan gum is a kind of high molecular weight polysaccharide polymer, which is made by the fermentation of carbohydrates with Xanthomonas genus of crops. It is soluble in hot or cold water, but soluble in organic solvent. It is non-toxic, edible. Because of its high viscosity, acid, alkali, salt and heat stability, as a thickener and stabilizer in oil drilling rise, is widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics production all.
Product performance, characteristics
1 highly effective thickening.
2 in the range of ultra shear rate and high concentration has high pseudoplasticity.
3 is stable in acid and alkali solution.
4 in a very broad temperature range, solubility and low viscosity.
5 with high concentrations of salt solution coexist.
The drop has excellent 6 suspension of insoluble solid and oil.
7 is the most effective bubble and emulsion stabilizer.
8 and guar gum, locust bean gum showed good synergistic effect.
9 of all kinds of food to provide excellent taste.
10 the stability of frozen and melt.
11 this product is used in the food industry and other industries, -18 degrees -130 degrees temperature can maintain stable performance.
12 drilling fluid additives. Because the product has a high temperature and good salt resistance and good shear thinning and particle suspension effect, so, it is the rise of offshore drilling mud additive ideal.
13 this product in saturated brine and a temperature of 85 degrees, can long remain stable. Therefore, it is high temperature and high salinity oil ideal oil displacement agent.
Two, oil drilling grade xanthan gum function can improve the drilling speed, reduce the friction pressure loss, reduce the cost, improve the fluid disposal of wellbore stability, minimize the failure of rock drilling, improve cleaning efficiency and suspension rheology.

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