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Use polyanionic cellulose to safety

- Aug 21, 2014 -

It is made of natural cellulose prepared by chemical modification of water-soluble cellulose ether derivative, is an important water-soluble cellulose ether is generally employed in its sodium salt.
Polyanionic cellulose has good heat stability and salt, antimicrobial resistance. The product is formulated mud fluid has good fluid loss, inhibition resistance, high temperature resistance. Widely used in oil drilling, especially brine wells and offshore oil drilling.
Polyanionic cellulose is widely used by fine processing, textile industry as an alternative starch veil sizing agents, paper pulp added, can improve the longitudinal strength and smoothness of paper, to improve oil resistance of paper and ink absorption; Japanese chemical industry for the preparation of soap and synthetic detergent; latex rubber industry as a stabilizer. In addition, paint, food, cosmetics, ceramic powder, and other chemical processing of leather, as a thickness adjusting agents, emulsion stabilizers, crystal formation inhibitors, thickeners, binders and the like.
   PAC products are corrosive water treatment agent, such as accidentally spilled on the skin, immediately wash with water to clean. Production and the FDA staff to wear overalls, masks, gloves, wear long-barreled boots. Production equipment should be sealed, the workshop should be well ventilated.
   Water treatment agent PAC products without combustion and explosion hazard.
The use of PAC in the city water supply process as coagulants, the aluminum may cause high water content, which is one of the factors contributing to Alzheimer's disease. 

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