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The Two Methods Of CMC Prodution

- Dec 17, 2017 -

CMC production methods

1. The water-borne craft

This is the presence of the free base and water under the reaction conditions of the alkali cellulose with an etherifying agent.

It features simple equipment, low investment, low cost, uneven quality and low efficiency ether, to produce Carboxymethyl Cellulose with low viscosity.

Production of Carboxymethylcellulose.jpg

2. solvent production process

Solvent method, Also known as the organic solvent, is carried out in the presence of an organic solvent for basified reaction medium under conditions of the reaction process for etherification. Amount by the number of reactive diluent is divided into slurry and kneading method (solvent or suspension).

Solvent method features:

(1) the reaction heat and mass transfer quickly and evenly.

(2) the main reaction speed, reduce side effects, ether agent utilization compared with 10-20% water-borne Law

(3) the reaction stability, improved uniformity; substituted uniformity and performance greatly improved.

(4) the use of large amounts of organic solvents, material consumption and improved separation of the organic solvent recovery equipment investment increases, the higher cost of CarboxymethylCellulose production method in water-borne craft.

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