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Textile Industry Application

- Dec 02, 2014 -

Textile industry application

Textile industry in recent years has been widely used as a sizing agent CMC instead of starch. CMC sizing which is proved to that not only save a lot of food and oil, but also much more superior than starch, gelatin, etc. In cotton, silk, wool and chemical fiber, synthetic or blended fabrics, warp yarn with CMC as a sticky material has the following advantages:
CMC solution Blanchir, transparent, uniform, has good stability, with no change in pump circulation or agitation are available according to production needs readily accessible. CMC solution viscosity and film forming property rich, smooth,wear-resistant, flexible film may be formed on the surface of the warp yarns, the loom can tolerate absolute strength,providing favorable conditions for high-speed production. CMC treated with an aqueous solution of yarn easy to dry,shiny, soft touch.
Printing paste CMC as a thickener, emulsifier applied to printing paste. Especially suitable for silk printing paste. In the man-made fibers such as cellulose acetate fabric printing paste should contain high-boiling solvents, dyes, water and adequate thickener.


CMC thickener is an emulsifier, printing paste added CMC has the following advantages:
(1) Significantly improve the vividness of printing. Due to general color is a water slurry contact media, CMC hygroscopic, it can increase the rate consistent color vividness.
(2) Permeability. CMC starch slurry permeability than good, especially the need for deep penetration of fabrics such as georgette and velvet embossing, color depth penetration not only eat, and reduce labor intensity.
(3) Ease of desizing, soft texture.
(4) To improve the stability of the paste. CMC easy moldy, compared with starch paste it stable.
(5) Strong adhesion. In hand printing, as mostly thin fabric, making it difficult to close contact with the general adhesive on the plate, and thus often difficult to print from the dome, you can use the CMC equatorial land close to the plate, is conducive to the operation.


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