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Testing Degree Of Substitution(DS) Of Carboxymethyl Cellulose

- Mar 20, 2015 -

1. acidity titration CMC Na a degree of substitution of fast and simple
Single, accurate, especially adapted to live in large quantities measured and field use.
2. Titration acidity can not only be used to measure a CMC Na-like
The degree of substitution products, can also be used to determine the structure of the material flies similar
Degree of substitution of methyl starch.
3. The degree of substitution is greater than 0.4 for a CMC Na sample acidity
The measurement results more accurate count titration, for the degree of substitution of less than 0.4
CMC Na a sample, measurement results ashing error is smaller. Because replace
Greater than 0.4 CMC Na a better sample of water-soluble, and the degree of substitution
Less than. .4 Na a sample of water-soluble cMC poor water solubility, the better
Samples with a pH meter titration results measured more accurately. Oilfield
CMC Na salt of a majority of the degree of substitution is greater than 0.4, so the pH meter
Titration more applicable in the oil field.

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