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Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC) In Ice Cream

- Nov 07, 2014 -

It has approved carboxymethylcellulose using in food by FAO and WHO,such as ice creams.

Ice creams is a kind of frozen food which is made from water, milk, sugar, maltose, maltodextrin, edible fat and oil, fresh egg, compound stabilizer and emulsifier and edible essence. It is featured with smooth taste and good nutrition. Water is a major ingredient for ice-creams and although too much water can effectively reduce the cost, the flavor and taste will be badly affected. For example, excessive water can accelerate the formation of coarse ice-crystallization in the creams therefore affect the flavor. In the ice-cream industry there are several ways to solve this problem:

1 To increase the content of the solid substances in the production material. Usually this is conducted by adding more solid material like diary, sugar, maltose and edible fat and oil.

2 To enhance the process of aging and congelation. As this requires better equipments, it would increase equipment and operation cost.

3 To add a certain amount of stabilizer and emulsifier. This is a relatively more economic and costless way and is helpful for cost-control. Emulsifier is a kind of compound additive which is made from stabilizer-and-thickener, emulsifiers and buffer agent. When used for ice-creams it not only can improve the structure and taste but also can reduce the cost. As a stabilizer carboxymethyl cellulose is also used for production of compound stabilizers and emulsifiers. Mix sodium carboxymethyl cellulose together with carrageen and guar gum then the mixture can endow the ice-cream with higher viscosity and make the structure fine and smooth, taste thick and good and enhance the resistance against melting.

Using carboxymethylcellulose in ice-cream can decrease the amount of coarse ice crystal, increase the whiteness and the volume. It can also decrease the use of solid material therefore decrease the production cost.

There are 2 ways to use carboxymethylcellulose Sodium in ice-cream production:

One is to buy compound emulsifiers which contain carboxymethylcellulose sodium. This method is mainly adapted by many medium and small ice-cream producers.

The other way is the producer buy thickeners, emulsifiers and buffer agent and then mix them together. This is adapted by some large producers. The commonly used thickeners are carboxymethyl cellulose, guar gum, carrageen, Arabic gum, xanthan gum, locust bean gum and pectin etc. The commonly used emulsifiers are monoglyceride, sucrose ester, sucrose ester,Span, polyglycerin ester, etc

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