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Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose manufacturing process innovation

- Aug 21, 2014 -

CMC research and development focused primarily on the manufacturing process of transformation and innovation of existing production technologies, and CMC of new products with unique properties, such as foreign successfully developed and has universal application of "solvent - slurry process" [3] technology, produce a new modified CMC with high stable performance, due to the higher degree of substitution, the substituents distributed more evenly, so that it can be applied in a broader field of industrial production and complex environment, to meet the higher process requirements. Internationally put this new modified CMC also called "polyanionic cellulose
   Toothpaste with CMC features:
1, acid resistance: resistant PH value range of 2-4;
2, salt: in saturated brine viscosity not only did not decrease, but more than distilled water viscosity;
3, heat;
4, high transparency;
5, anti-micro-objects raw ability.
  Role in the production of toothpaste:
1, good compatibility performance, toothpaste ingredients evenly mixed;
2 to the toothpaste molding;
3, toothpaste paste delicate and smooth;
4, during storage in toothpaste, paste, regardless of water, shelling, no hair thick.

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