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Polyanionic Cellulose(PAC HV, PAC LV) Physical Properties And Chemical Properties

- Mar 23, 2015 -

Polyanionic cellulose

Physical Properties
White to pale yellow powder or granules, odorless, non-toxic, hygroscopic, soluble in cold water and hot water.

Chemical properties
1. The high degree of substitution: substitution value 0.85-1.4.
2. Heat stability: water below 80 ℃ stable performance, when the temperature can be displayed up to close to 150 ℃ and maintain a certain viscosity of about 48h.
3. Acid Salt: PH value stable performance in the 3-11 range, can be applied to all kinds of harsh polar environment.
4. Good compatibility: and other cellulose ethers, water soluble adhesive, softener, resin, etc. can be compatible; PAC when the substitution degree exceeds 1.2, gradually show oil-soluble.
5. The good solubility: using simple stirring equipment can be rapidly dissolved in cold water and hot water; faster dissolution water; instant type PAC can be sufficiently dissolved in a few minutes, greatly improving ease of use and production efficiency.
6. Good stability: PAC solution with a light stability, longer shelf life; strong mildew anti-bacterial properties, not fermented.
7. Very low usage: PAC itself because high degree of substitution and high stability, so in the same environment, the amount equivalent to only carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) of 30% -60%, to a certain extent on reducing the company's cost. Has a high price advantage; while saving the consumption of raw materials, with high economic and social benefits.
8. polyanionic cellulose (PAC) of the main raw material is refined cotton, itself has no pharmacological effects, physiological harmless, green production process.
9. polyanionic cellulose can be used for high temperature deep underground operations.

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