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Polyanionic cellulose and cement has excellent fusion

- Aug 21, 2014 -

This product has excellent integration with cement resistance, can be completely dissolved in the cement-based dry mix mortar paste, and do not reduce the strength of cement after curing, bonding effect while maintaining the film-forming properties and flexibility, but also has good weather resistance and stability. With the most obvious advantage of this product is its superior bonding properties and crack resistance, after drying, can effectively prevent the erosion of the wall of acidic air, after chalking difficult by damp, deliquescence, and dramatically reduced production costs. Widely used in adhesive mortar, cracking mortar wall materials Features
GJM-6520 series of special powder polystyrene board, the powder at high temperature, high pressure, spray drying and import activity is enhanced with a variety of homopolymer powder together, can significantly improve the adhesive mortar and polystyrene board bonding capacity (adsorption bond) and its tensile strength, resistance to fall, good water retention properties of thickening construction, water, freeze-thaw resistance, heat aging performance outstanding, ingredients simple, easy to use, low cost year.
Seasonal changes need to be adjusted amount of additives;
Avoid moisture caking additives or cement;
Do not mix with acidic substances stacked use;
Below 5 ℃ prohibit construction use, low temperature will cause the biggest construction project quality problems, resulting in surface mortar and insulation board without bond, which is a late no engineering remedy quality problems.
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