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Oil-Drilling Petroleum Polyanionic Cellulose(PAC)introduction

- Mar 26, 2015 -

Oil-Drilling petroleum polyanionic cellulose(PAC)introduction
"YUYU" brand PAC products, divided into high viscosity (PAC HV) and low viscosity (PAC LV) two categories(also PAC R,PAC RG), is the company with independent intellectual property rights of the high and new technology products. Belongs to the anionic cellulose ether, High purity, high degree of substitution, substitution degree distribution uniformity characteristics. Can be used as a thickener, rheology modifiers, filtrate reducer. High viscosity, low viscosity of PAC in freshwater and seawater mud in Have excellent filter drop loss, is indispensable in the mud of compatibility of products. Superior product performance, quality stable and reliable. The company production of PAC is the product of high purity, appearance is white flowing powder, its aqueous solution is sticky liquid. PAC as a water soluble polymer, which has the nature and function of the following:
1 quickly dissolved in hot or cold water;
2 can be used as a thickener, rheology control agent, adhesive, stabilizer, protective colloid, suspending agent and water retention agent;
In the petroleum industry, PAC is a good drilling mud treatment agent and preparation and completion fluid materials, high mudmaking rate, anti salt performance. The fresh water mud, mud rain saturated seawater, salt mud, PAC is a kind of excellent filtration reducing loss treatment agent, and has good stick raised capability and anti

high temperature (150 DEG C) capacity. Suitable for the preparation of fresh water, sea water and saturated salt water completion fluid, and the calcium chloride aggravate lower can be formulated into various completion fluid density, but also can make the completion fluid with certain viscosity and lower filter loss. Our company produces the high and sticky low viscosity PAC products comply with GB/T 5005 standards, the European OCMA standard and API standard 13A.

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