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Measure the amount of fiber

- Aug 21, 2014 -

According to the actual amount of fiber per square concrete mixing tray, according to the recommended dosage accurately weighed (or use special additives weighing system manufacturers to provide metering).
   After measuring the fibers should be together with the coarse aggregate artificial (or use the weighing system manufacturers to provide special additives) added.
   Select the location of artificial feeding feeding system according to the characteristics of sand and gravel. If the level of transmission (flat belt conveyor-belt) on hopper feeding the workers before the end of the coarse aggregate in the fiber ingredients into the hopper. If it is a vertical conveyor (inclined belt conveyors), workers may follow after the aggregate batching aggregate down on the belt, or immediately after the end of the entire aggregate ingredients directly into the silo.
   Cellulose sample dried at 50 ℃ -O ℃ treated with liquid ammonia at 30 minutes and then evaporated to dryness at 20 ℃, order of the sample after the treatment decreased, and the increase of the can, such as to balance the degree of polymerization (LODP ) decreased from 160 to 85, water retention value by 50% to 80%. Increased water vapor equilibrium sorption values.
   Characters: HPMC in ethanol, ethyl ether, acetone, almost insoluble. Rapidly dispersed in water in 80 ~ 90 ℃, swell rapidly dissolved after cooling, the aqueous solution is quite stable at room temperature, at high temperatures can be a gel, and this gel can be converted to each other with the level and temperature of the solution. Has excellent wettability, dispersibility, adhesion, thickening, emulsifying, water retention and film, as well as oil-impermeable. The film has excellent toughness, soft music and transparency, because non-ionic emulsifiers with other compatibility, but easy salting solution is stable within PH2-12 range.
   Our products are of good quality, low price, reliable reputation, has been received by users

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