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Instant Type CMC (PAC) Product Introduction

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Instant type CMC (PAC) product introduction

According to customer demand, Guo Yu company can provide all kinds of instant CMC and PAC products.
Product Name: YUYU instant CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose)
Packaging: kraft paper bag or triple bag, net weight 20Kg or 25kg
Storage: Clean, dry, ventilated place
In the production of CMC or PAC after the special craft processing, get instant CMC or PAC products, its dispersion and dissolution rate in water is significantly faster than conventional CMC or PAC products.

This instant CMC(PAC) can disperse and dissolute into water completely in 5-10 minutes, then the colloid solution is made, but now CMC(PAC) viscosity is not the right viscosity, which means its viscosity is not completely got. After 20-30 minutes, CMC(PAC) viscosity will be the right viscosity.
This kind of instant CMC can be used in many industrial fields and some food fields.

Key Features:
1) Powdered Instant Type CMC
CMC after subjected to surface treatment, the resulting powdered instant type CMC, dispersion performance, not hold together, dissolution speed.

2) Granular/granulation  CMC
When dissolving powdered CMC appears agglomeration affect the dissolution rate, and there is dust phenomenon. By CMC granulation processing, the phenomenon does not hold together, can quickly dissolve and eliminate the dust.
YUYU CMC instant brand products, using advanced production equipment for CMC granulated products, granulation and solubility in water and can rapidly expanding CMC, rapid dissolution, without clumping, dissolution problem solved users. The products are mainly used in papermaking, ceramics, paint and other production.

sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is dissolved in the first place, swelling, so when dissolved in water, it should be possible to make each individual particles to produce uniform dissolution, powdered sodium carboxymethyl cellulose one-time focus into the water, the swelling of the particles bond with each other, forming a tough in the powder and film around the lump of viscous material, not easy to disperse.

Methods sodium carboxymethyl cellulose instant, one is in the structure of cellulose molecules in the introduction of other active gene good hydrophilicity and adding suitable surface active agent is not to change the basic performance under the premise of instant, two is in the Suo Jiaji granulation sodium cellulose products, due to the special method of products made of fine grit in water, easily dispersed, can not form a knot in one's heart, then stirring within a very short period of time can be dissolved. Although the instant is not standard, but if there is an instant product, more conducive to the occupation of the market, increase market competitiveness, expand sales channels and develop potential market.

At present, the instant cost is relatively very high, so the instant products relatively ordinary products are expensive, making instant products and technology is different, the price is also different.

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