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How To Use The CMC

- Feb 01, 2018 -

How to use the CMC

The use of more CMC has many advantages over other food additives:
1. CMC is widely used in food which is characterized by:
(1) CMC has good stability
In cold foods such as popsicles, ice cream, and after using the CMC, to control the formation of ice crystals, improve organizational expansion to maintain uniform, resistant to melting, delicate taste lubrication, color whitening.
In dairy products, whether it is flavored milk, fruit milk or yogurt, can react with proteins to form a complex composite structure, conducive to the stability of the emulsion and improve impedance capability protein.

(2) CMC with other stabilizers, emulsifiers complex
In the food and beverage products in general, manufacturers are using a variety of stabilizers, such as: xanthan gum, guar gum, carrageenan, dextrin, emulsifier such as: glycerol monostearate, sucrose fatty
Esters, etc., can be complex. Make complementary advantages, and play synergies, reduce production costs.
(3)CMC pseudoplastic
CMC having a viscosity at different temperatures reversible, temperature, solution viscosity decreases, and vice versa; CMC in the presence of shear forces, the viscosity will be decreased, and with increasing shear, the viscosity becomes smaller. It's these properties, so that the CMC stirring, homogenizing, pipeline transportation, can reduce the equipment load and improve the efficiency of homogenization, is unmatched by other stabilizers.
2. The process requirements
CMC as an effective stabilizer, if used improperly affect its results, can lead to serious product obsolescence. So for the CMC, the fully and uniformly dispersed solution to improve the efficiency of its effect, reduce the amount, improve product quality, increase production rate is very important. This requires us to various food manufacturers to fully understand the various material properties, rationally adjust their production process, so that CMC can fully play its role, in particular in the various stages of the process

1. Ingredients
(1) with a mechanical force high shear dispersion method:
All equipment can be used to assist with mixed ability CMC dispersed in water by high shear, so that CMC evenly soaked in water, accelerate CMC dissolved. Currently, some manufacturers use gouache mixer or high speed mixing tank.
(2) dry mixing sugar dispersion method:
With CMC, sugar ratio of 1: 5 mix in stirring constantly, slowly thrown it, so CMC fully dissolved.
(3) saturated with dissolved sugar, such as caramel, etc., can accelerate the dissolution of CMC.
2. Acid
For some acidic beverages, such as yogurt, etc. are required to use acid products, if normal operation, can improve product quality, prevent product sedimentation, stratification phenomenon.
(1) adding acid plus acid temperature should be strictly controlled, should generally be less than 20 ℃.
(2) acid concentration should be controlled at 8-20%, the lower the better.
(3) adding acid using spray, adding more than a tangential direction along the container, general 1-3min.
(4) the slurry speed n = 1400-2400r / m
3 Homogeneous:
(1) The purpose of homogeneous emulsion: greasy liquid material, CMC should emulsifiers, such as monoglyceride, homogenizing pressure 18-25mpa, temperature 60-70 ℃.
(2) The purpose of homogeneous dispersion, for a variety of ingredients if not completely uniform early, there are still some small particles exist, to be homogenized, homogenization pressure 10mpa, temperature 60-70 ℃.
4. Sterilization
CMC at high temperatures, especially prolonged temperatures above 50 ℃, the poor quality of the CMC viscosity irreversible decline, general manufacturers of CMC at 80 ℃ temperature 30 minutes viscosity decreased quite serious, and therefore can be instantaneous sterilization or bar pasteurization method, to shorten the time CMC at high temperatures.
5. Other considerations:
(1) The selected water quality as well with clean water treatment, should not use well water to avoid microbial infections that affect product quality.
(2) dissolved in full bloom CMC appliances can not be used metal containers, stainless steel containers or tubs available, pottery bloom. Divalent metal ions to prevent infiltration.
(3) After each use, CMC, packaging bag should be fastened to prevent moisture absorption deterioration CMC.

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