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How To Preparing Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose For High-grade Ice Cream?

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Food grade CMC is a water-soluble anionic ether product, obtained by natural fiber as the basic raw material, through sodium hydroxide alkalization, etherificationand chloroacetic acid reaction. CMC aqueous solution has thickening, emulsification, moisture retention, suspension, shapingand preservationand other functions. Ice cream is a three-phase multi-dispersion system with plastic foam emulsion structure. CMC as a thickener in ice cream helps to improve the efficiency of ice cream. It makes its organizational structure delicate and soft. Lubrication, can enhance the anti-melting properties of ice cream, improve its expansion rate. Therefore, the quality of the CMC has an important impact on the quality of ice cream.


The method is just one way of high-grade ice cream preparation, which sequentially comprises the following procedures.

Performing alkalization reaction on cane trash pulp board used as a raw material through an alkalization reactor, performing etherification reaction through an etherification reactor, neutralizing, washing, refining four times, performing continuous gas stripping, drying, and pulverizing to prepare the sodium carboxymethyl cellulose product for high-grade ice cream, wherein nitrogen gas protection is used in the whole preparation process.

According to the invention, the main raw material is low in price; the method disclosed is simple and convenient to operate, and can effectively lower the overall cost; the prepared product has the characteristics of high purity, good substitution uniformity, good rheological property of a water solution, favorable dispersionproperty and so on, it can be widely used for various kinds of ice cream (especially high-grade ice cream), and can be used as special dispersion stabilizer and swelling thickener to increase the thawing resistance and shelf life of the ice cream.

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