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Food Grade CMC(Carboxymethyl Cellulose)

- Mar 19, 2015 -

Food grade CMC(Carboxymethyl Cellulose) can be used as thickener,emulsifier,excipient, expanding agent,stabilizer and so on, which could replace the role of gelatin, agar, sodium alginate. When using this grade of CMC, cost can be reduced, food taste and preservation can be improved, guarantee period can be longer.So this kind of CMC is one of indispensable additives in food industry.

       Now, Food grade CMC is widely used in many fields, such as cold drink cans, candy, cakes, meat, biscuits, flour products and quick-frozen, quick-cooker snacks and a variety of solid drinks, lactic acid drinks, dairy products, wine, etc.

1.         Liquid Drinks

When adding food grade CMC into liquid drinks, the suspension in the container could be made to be uniform , replete, more colourful, and the guarantee period can be longer.

Recommended model is FH6 or FVH6, 0.3-0.4% is suggestted to added.

2.         Lactic Acid Drinks

When adding aciduric CMC into Lactic Acid Drinks, CMC could make drinks stabilizing, prevent sediment stradifying, improve the taste, get high temperature resistant.

Recommended modes is FFH9, 0.3-0.5% is suggestted to added.

3.         Dairy Products

Dairy products mainly include soy milk, peanut milk, almond milk, etc. When adding CMC into these products , CMC could play a role in suspensing, emulsifying, stabilizing, whitening, sweetening, removing milk smell, also could prevent fat floating or sinking.

Recommended modes is FH6, FVH6, FFH9, 0.3-0.5% is suggestted to added.

4.         Frozen Food

When adding CMC into frozen food, CMC could make taste delicate with silky texture, colour whiter and volume lager,etc.

Recommended modes is FVH6, 0.3-0.5% is suggestted to added.

5.         Pasta Products

CMC can make bread cellular uniform, volume lager, this also means reducing residue, no collapsing, keeping fresh and moisture.

When using CMC into the instand noodles and curly noodles, CMC could make noodle toughness,  cooking resistance and taste delicate with silky texture, also can save the edible oil , reduce cost.

Recommended modes is FH6, FVH6, 0.3-0.5% is suggestted to added.

6.         Biscuit, Thin pancake, Moon Cake

When adding CMC into flour in the process of biscuit and thin pancake production, CMC could adjust flour degree, improve flour tissue, reduce the broken rate, improve the finished products rate and the taste, then mold could become better, the surface is to be cleaner.

When adding CMC into cake skin and stuffing or surface in the process of moon cakes production, CMC could suppress the food to be funked, prolong guarantee period, improve the cake skin blare, make cake stuffing soft, aromatic, prolong period on the shelf.

Recommended modes is FH6 or FVH6, 0.3-0.5% is suggestted to added.

7.         Fast-eaten paste

This food grade CMC is widely used for the fast-eaten paste, such as peanut paste, sesame paste, almond paste, canned congee. It has the dissolving character of cold boiled water.Also CMC can improve manmade taste, which is more stabile than starch.

Recommended modes is FFH9, 0.4-1% is suggestted to added.

8.         Condiment

Because edible CMC has the salt and acid resistance ,It can be used as thickener and stabilizer in condiment ,such as oyster sauce, soy sauce, jam, peanut butter, sesame butter etc. Besides,CMC could improve the tissue quality and the colour, smell and taste.

Recommended modes is FFH9, 0.4-1% is suggestted to added.




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