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Food Additive Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC,SCMC,SODIUM CMC)introduction

- Mar 26, 2015 -

Food additive sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC,SCMC,SODIUM CMC)introduction
"YUYU" brand food additives CMC is inactivated by natural cellulose chemical modified produced cellulose ether. CMC as a water soluble semi biological polymers, has good thickening, emulsifying, shaping, puffing, stability, preservation and other functions, is widely used in food, lactic acid milk and acidic beverage field.
Applied to various properties of the drink, CMC can prevent the yogurt protein agglomerating, precipitation, stratification; a very fine syrup unique dissolved in water after the drink, II feeling better, more comfortable II; replace the good uniformity, guarantee the stability of the acid drinks, the longer shelf life.
Used in ice cream, CMC can make the water, fat, protein and other effective mixing, dispersion, stability, and can avoid the appearance of ice crystals, high bulking rate; II feeling fine, smooth, good formability; can also prevent people especially children excessive intake of high calorie (Kaluri) milk Shan, sugar and so on, is an ideal additive.
Used in bread and cakes, CMC can control paste viscosity, enhanced bread, pastry products and maintain the water resistance of storage.
Used in instant noodles, CMC can increase the toughness, and not easily broken, Naizhu performance, reduce the amount of II containing Shan, improve sense; used in biscuits, wafers, CMC can make the cake forming good cake surface is smooth, not easy to be broken.

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