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Dose Level For CMC In Food Usually

- Apr 03, 2015 -


Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) (E466) in plant tissue, mainly wood pulp and cotton extraction, but because it is classified as a kind of natural food ingredients not chemical modification. Natural cellulose is inert and insoluble, but changes making it soluble.
Nutrition, cellulose without heat; it is not human digestion in low calorie products, therefore, very useful.
The definition of types and grades available and the comfortable performance are good.
CMC is soluble in cold water to clarify the solution and neutral color.
The main properties of viscosity for the production of CMC.
The immediate products, CMC is used to provide rapid accumulation of viscosity required in powdered beverages, such as.
Produced by CMC company, the viscosity is helpful to frozen products, such as ice cream, ice cream and the stability of bellows. The advantages include protection and inhibit the formation of ice crystals texture, thermal shock resistance and slow collapse and water improved performance and better.
Can be used in the product CMC thickening effect, such as salad and tomato sauce. The CMC property makes it suitable for these applications include it in hot water and cold water of the rapid dissolution, good water and good resistance to low pH level.
CMC provides the body with soft drinks or sweet mouth feel and sweeteners, low calorie beverages, access to more closely match the taste of sucrose or glucose syrup, and to suppress the "neck ring 'by flavor oil in beverage.
The establishment of baking products also benefit from CMC. In the cake batter a mixture of flour and CMC can improve the yield, size, the viscosity and improve the baking ingredients, such as suspension and distribution of fruit. CMC can also provide improved yield and improved wet storage, and can be used to increase the yield or delay the aging, so as to prolong the shelf life.
Dose level for CMC in food usually is 0.1 - 0.3% w/w this is normal, with a fixed dose, change the CMC scale was used to obtain the required viscosity.

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