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CMC Used In Toothpaste

- Jan 30, 2018 -

CMC used in toothpaste

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's daily necessities have become more sophisticated, and toothpaste for daily necessities of life, its value is no longer just the performance of a simple function to clean the mouth, turning to functional resistance, health toothpaste. For this reason, the development of many new varieties: drugs, anti-acid, bleeding, and the whole effect toothpaste category. This is one of the main ingredients of toothpaste manufactured quality CMC raised new demands.

1. "YUYU" toothpaste CMC features
(1) Has good rheological and thixotropic properties;
(2) Acid resistance: resistant PH value range of 2-4;
(3) Salt: You can add a variety of inorganic salts used in paste, and significant degradation does not occur with the passage of time, the viscosity of the paste;
(4) Heat: a good stable heat effect;
(5) High transparency: evenness due to be replaced, less free fiber, high transparency of the paste;
(6) Anti-microbial ability: Due to better replace uniformity, strong anti-paste enzyme performance.

2. Toothpaste Role in the production:
(1) Good compatibility properties, toothpaste ingredients evenly mixed;
(2) Give a good moldability toothpaste;
(3) Toothpaste paste delicate and smooth;
(4) In the toothpaste storage process, regardless of water paste, no shelling, no return coarse.

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