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CMC Used In The Pharmaceutical Industry

- Nov 20, 2014 -

CMC used in the pharmaceutical industry

the pharmaceutical industry can make injection of emulsion stabilizer, tablet binders and film formers. It was through the foundation and animal experiments show CMC is a safe and reliable anti-cancer drug carrier. With CMC as film material developed by the transformation of traditional Chinese medicine formulations Yin Shengjisan - - Yin Sheng myofascial, grinding can be used for skin wounds and traumatic surgical wounds.

Animal model studies have shown that the membrane to prevent wound infection, no significant differences with gauze

dressings, wound tissue fluid exudation in control and rapid healing of the wound, this film is much better than gauze

dressings, and reduce postoperative edema and wound stimulation. Polyvinyl alcohol: sodium carboxymethyl cellulose:

carbopol of 3: 6: 1 ratio of the film former is made of the best formulation, adhesion and release rate increased, an increase

in membrane mucoadhesive slow release adhesion agent, prolong the residence time and the efficacy of the formulation

in the oral pharmaceutical preparation has significantly improved. Ding piperazine card as potent local anesthetic, but it

can produce poisoning sometimes more serious cardiovascular side effects, it is widely used in clinical practice at the same

time bupivacaine and Prevention study of its toxicity has been more attention. Pharmaceutical research shows, CIVIC as a

slow-release material and bupivacaine solution preparation can significantly reduce the drug's side effects. In PRK surgery,

the use of low concentrations of tetracaine with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can significantly relieve joint CMC

postoperative pain. Prevention of peritoneal adhesions after abdominal surgery, to reduce the incidence of intestinal

obstruction Clinical Surgery is one of the issues most concern. Studies have shown that, CMC reduce postoperative

peritoneal adhesions was superior level of sodium hyaluronate can be used as an effective way to prevent the occurrence

of peritoneal adhesions. CMC for the treatment of liver cancer transcatheter hepatic arterial infusion of anti-cancer drugs,

anti-cancer drugs can prolong the residence time in the tumor, enhance the anti-tumor force, improve the therapeutic

effect. In animal medicine, CMC also has a wide range of uses. Has been reported , intraperitoneal infusion into the ewe

1% CMC solution to prevent livestock dystocia, abdominal adhesions after genital surgery have a significant effect.

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