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CMC Used In The Detergent Industry

- Mar 30, 2015 -

CMC used in the detergent industry

CMC is a surfactant, having a hydrophilic group and a hydrophobic group, is highly effective antiresorptive adsorbent. CMC dissolved in water has good thickening, dispersion, emulsification, it can absorb the oil in the oil particles wrap around, so that oil suspension dispersed in water, and the surface of the article to be washed in a hydrophilic film-forming,

whereby oil and prevent direct contact with items to be washed.

Especially when the detergent active material, the amount of CMC adsorbed more. CMC with a large number of negative charges, generating an electrostatic repulsive force, so that the oil is well suspended particles, dispersed in water. And CMS, gum, polyvinylpyrrolidone and other anti then compared with the high cost adsorbent.

YUYU brand CMC has excellent performance in detergent applications:
1, replace the high and uniform, good transparency;
2, dispersed in water, and anti readsorb good performance;
3, high viscosity, good stability, with excellent thickening and emulsifying effect.

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