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CMC Used In Paper Industry

- Jan 25, 2018 -

CMC used in Paper Industry


Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is a highly effective paper additives. can be used for paint coating. adding pulp. surface sizing a plurality of processes. etc.. has good water retention. and excellent dispersibility shear thinning resistance.

(1). CMC major role in the pigment of the coating

1. the control and regulation of coating rheology and pigment dispersion. the solid content of the paint to improve;

2. the paint pseudoplastic. improve paint coating speed;

3. reinforcing coating water retention. to prevent migration of water-soluble adhesive;

4. has a good film. improve gloss coating;

5. to improve the retention rate of the paint brighteners improve the whiteness of the paper;

6. to improve the lubrication properties of the coating improve coating quality. prolong the service life of the blade.


(2). CMC added major role in the pulp

1. to improve grinding efficiency and promote fiber refinement. shorten time beating;

2. regulating potential pulp. uniformly dispersed fiber. improve machine "Papermaking Performance". to further improve the sheet formation;

3. to improve a variety of additives. fillers and retention of fines;

4. to increase the binding force between fibers. to improve the physical properties of a paper;

5. with dry and wet strength agent used in conjunction. can improve a dry and wet strength of paper;

6. to protect internal sizing rosin. AKD. etc.. enhance sizing effect.


(3). CMC major role in surface sizing

1. with good rheological and film-forming properties;

2. to reduce paper porosity and improve oil resistance of paper;

3. increase brightness and gloss of the paper;

4. increasing the stiffness of the paper. smoothness. control curl;

5. to improve the paper's surface strength and abrasion resistance. reduce linting and improve print quality.

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