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CMC Used In Ceramics

- Mar 30, 2015 -

CMC used in ceramics
Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose CMC in the ceramic industry as a raw material of excipients, plasticizers, reinforcing agents. For the end of the glaze tile and surface glaze, make the glaze body in a stable dispersion. For printing glaze is applied primarily thickening, adhesion, dispersibility

1) CMC application of ceramic blanks

1, the blank can increase adhesion, easy to shape the green body;

2, improve body flexural strength, reduce breakage rate blank;

3, so that uniform evaporation of moisture in the blank, to prevent drying and cracking.

2) CMC used in tile glaze and the bottom surface of the glaze

1, so that the glaze body in a stable state of dispersion;

2, increase the surface tension of the glaze;

3, slow down the diffusion of water from the inside to the billet glaze;

4, increase the smoothness of glazed;

5, to avoid glazing body strength decreased after causing cracking during transportation and printing breakage;

6, reduce glazed pinhole after sintering.

3) CMC in printing glaze (or ink, ointment), seepage glaze application

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