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cmc sales range

- Aug 21, 2014 -

Our products are sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asian countries.
    Carboxymethyl cellulose CMC is white or slightly yellow powder flocculent fiber powder or white, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic; soluble in cold water or hot water to form a gel, the solution is neutral or slightly alkaline, insoluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, isopropyl alcohol, acetone and other organic solvents, can be dissolved in aqueous ethanol or acetone solution of 60%. Hygroscopic, light and heat stability, the viscosity decreases with increasing temperature, PH value of the solution is 2 to 10 stable, PH is less than 2, the precipitated solid, PH value is higher than 10 viscosity. Color temperature of 227 ℃, carbonization temperature 252 ℃, 2% aqueous solution of surface tension 71mn / n.
    Uses: sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is the largest production of cellulose ethers, the most widely used, the use of the most convenient products, commonly known as the "industrial monosodium glutamate."
   CMC is an important characteristic of the formation of high viscosity colloid solution with the adhesive, thickening, flowing, emulsifying, imprinting, water, protective colloids
Body, film forming, acid, salt, suspension and other features, and physiologically harmless, so widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, oil, paper, textile, construction and other fields in production.
    Cheap, and mutual benefit is the company's guiding principle

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