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CMC Product Usage

- Mar 18, 2015 -

Product Usage
  1, architecture, ceramics industry
  (1), "yuyu brand" CMC coatings used in construction, with good dispersion, uniform coating distribution; non-hierarchical, stable performance; good thickening effect, you can adjust the viscosity of the coating; with a water-soluble matching paint used in the majority of surfactants and preservatives.
  (2), "yuyu brand" CMC used in ceramic industry as a blank adhesive can improve the plasticity of clay; in ceramic glazes, as a flow control agent, it has long-lasting performance glaze to prevent the glaze Before firing off into tears, while burn.
  2, washing, cosmetics, tobacco, textile industry
  (1), "yuyu" CMC for washing, primarily to prevent detergent to wash down the dirt again deposited on the fabric. Production of detergent added CMC, the structure can stabilize washed slurry or soap thickening and effective composition.
  (2), "yuyu" CMC is used in cosmetics, from thickening, dispersing, suspending, stabilizing role. The paste products containing solid silty raw material, as a dispersing, suspending, stabilizing effect. Or emulsified in the liquid product from the thickener, dispersant, homogeneous effect. After joining the CMC beneficial cosmetic properties into full play.
  (3), "yuyu" CMC for the textile, as fabric finishing agents. Starch slurry is used to replace the traditional, greatly reducing the pollution of the environment, while still on the fabric which is formed in the fabric sizing and desizing thin film; and CMC film having hygroscopicity, increasing the plasticity of the fabric, to reduce the high speed weaving machine "jump yarn", "Sleepy" phenomenon.
  CMC also serves as printing and dyeing industry, printing paste, can enhance the hydrophilic dye penetration capability, making stained uniform, to reduce chromatic aberration.
  (4), "yuyu" CMC for tobacco, primarily used in the production process of bonding tobacco sheet, due to CMC has excellent adhesion, film-forming properties and retain moisture, so the effective use of tobacco debris reduce the amount of raw tobacco.
3, mosquito coils, welding industry
  (1), "yuyu" CMC for mosquito coils, mosquito compatibility with the components of good efficacy even, slow release. Enhanced mosquito toughness, it is not easy to break, broken. Replace elm powder, has good formability and a smooth surface.
  (2), "yuyu" CMC is used as a glaze welding agent, making ceramic coatings with good adhesion molding, brushing performance, while at high temperatures with a burn performance.
4, toothpaste industry
(1), "yuyu" CMC and toothpaste in a variety of materials and good compatibility;
(2), cream and delicate, regardless of the water, no shelling, no hair thick, rich foam;
(3), good stability, consistency suitable toothpaste can give good shape, retention and particularly comfortable taste;
(4), temperature change and moisture, solid fragrance,
(5), canned cut small tailing.
 5, the food industry
     (1), "yuyu" CMC unique technology and excellent quality, as the acidic beverage stabilizer has the following characteristics:
 Prevent protein aggregation and precipitation yogurt happen, stratified; dissolved in water to make a unique and delicate syrupy drinks taste especially good, more refreshing; good substitute uniformity to ensure the stability of acidic drinks, so keep longer.
 (2), for ice cream: water, fat, protein, etc. to form a uniform dispersion, stable mixture, and to avoid the appearance of ice crystals, while delicate taste, smooth, good moldability.
 (3), in the bakery, CMC can control the viscosity of the paste, bread and pastry products to enhance moisture retention and storability.
 (4), in instant noodles, increase the toughness properties Naizhu noodles; biscuits, pizza in good shape, the cake surface smooth, not broken.
 (5), instant paste: such as peanut paste, sesame paste, rice pudding can be used as a gum base.
 (6), in the manufacture of low heat food, desired properties can be obtained, because the CMC is physiologically inert, no calorific value.
6, the paper industry
"Yuyu" CMC for paper sizing, the paper has a high density, good resistance to ink permeability, high set wax and smoothness. In the paper color process, a total of help control the paste rolling; to improve inter-fiber paper internal viscous state, thereby enhancing the strength and folding paper.
7, the oil industry
    "Yuyu" CMC for oil and gas drilling, wells and other projects
① mud containing CMC enables the formation of a thin wall of kin, low permeability filter cake, so to reduce water loss.
② mud after adding CMC, make the rig to get low initial shear, so that the mud wrap is easy to release the gas, while the debris quickly abandoned in the mud in.
③ drilling mud and other suspended as dispersions, the presence of a certain period, after adding CMC to make it stable and prolonged presence of.
④ CMC-containing slurry, little affected by fungal impact, therefore, no need to maintain a high PH value, there is no need to use preservatives.
⑤ drilling mud containing CMC for flushing fluid treatment agent, can resist all kinds of pollution of soluble salts.
⑥ slurry containing the CMC, good stability, even at temperatures above 150 ℃ still reduce water loss.
Mud, low viscosity, high viscosity, high degree of substitution of CMC for smaller density high degree of substitution of CMC for large density mud. CMC selection should be based on different types of mud and regional conditions, depth, etc. to decide.
8, other aspects
 Adhesives used in making shoes, pencils, etc., and polish the leather, colorants, stabilizers foam extinguisher.

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