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CMC In The Soluble Polymer Family

- Mar 20, 2015 -

Over the past decade, has been gradually using sodium carboxymethyl cellulose as a thickener, binder in China's food

industry, the dispersion stabilizer. Here, by comparing the current domestic and international products to better food

grade accelerate the development and application in the food industry.
Product Overview

It can be widely used in different industrial fields soluble polymer family, such polymers can basically be divided into three

1. Synthesis of Polymer
It is composed of oil or gas prior to synthesis of a monomer fraction obtained by polymerization. Such as polyvinyl alcohol
2. Semi-synthetic material
Such as CMC, is derived from natural organic materials through chemical action and made. Usually polysaccharide or the

like produced by microbial fermentation
3. Natural materials include: inorganic clays and silica matrix of soil fauna and flora of the body, such as

Which is based on its wider application of CMC suspension, stable dispersion, moisturizing effect, and as a thickening

agent, it can be used to wash these particularities, paper and cardboard, textiles, oil drilling, construction, mining, food,

cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

High purity CMC is widely used in food industry, such as dairy products, juices, chocolate, drinks and yoghurt stabilizing

dispersants, thickeners mayonnaise or spices, for inhibiting the growth of ice crystals in ice cream and jellies and baked

cake food stabilizer.

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