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CMC Application In The Petroleum

- Jan 27, 2018 -

CMC application in the petroleum

1.the role of CMC in the field are as follows:

(1) A mud containing CMC enables the formation of a thin wall of kin. low permeability filter cake. so to reduce water loss.

(2) In the mud after adding CMC. make the rig to get low initial shear. so that the mud wrap is easy to release the gas. while the debris quickly abandoned in the mud in.

(3) Drilling mud and other suspended as dispersions. the presence of a certain period. after adding CMC to make it stable and prolonged presence of.

2.YUYU brand in oilfield applications CMC has the following excellent performance:

(1) Replacing high. replace the good uniformity. high viscosity. low dosage. effectively improve the efficiency of the mud;

(2) Moisture. salt. alkali resistance. suitable for fresh water. sea water. saturated brine water-based mud;

(3) Good quality cake formation. stability. and can effectively stabilize soft soil structure. preventing the collapse of the wall;

(4) For the solid content is difficult to control. a large range of mud system;

3.YUYU fracturing fluid characteristics with CMC

(1) with good gelling

(2) strong carrying capacity

(3) broken plastic easy

(4) low residue characteristics

(5) reduce environmental pollution

(6) superior crosslinking performance

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