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CMC Application In Food

- Jan 25, 2018 -

CMC application in food

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) has in food thickening. emulsifying. suspension. water retention. enhanced toughness. puffing and preservation of other functions. it is these properties can not be compared to other thickeners. Use in food. can improve the taste. improving quality and product quality. but also to extend shelf life.

1)  CMC function in food production

1. thickening: a viscosity at low concentrations. Can control the food processing viscosity. lubricity while giving food;

2. water retention: reducing syneresis food and extend shelf life of food;

3. the dispersion stability: Keep food quality and stability. prevent water stratification (emulsification). frozen food control crystals size (reduction of ice);

4. film: the formation of a layer of film in fried foods. to prevent excessive absorption of fat;

5. Chemical stability: for chemicals. heat. light stability. there is a certain anti-mildew performance;

6. metabolic inert: as a food additive. will not be metabolized. not provide heat in the food.


2)  the edible properties of CMC

"YUYU" food grade CMC with other similar products. compared with the following characteristics

1. the molecular distribution;

2. high acid resistance;

3. high salt tolerance;

4. replacing high. replace uniform;

5. the gel less;

6. with the same performance as guar gum.


Acid food grade CMC models: FL100. FM9. FH9. FVH9. FH1200. FH1500. FH3000A. FH6000A

Ordinary food grade CMC models: FH6. FVH6. FH3000. FH5000. FH6000. FH8000. FH10000

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