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CMC Application Features And Functionality In Ceramics

- Mar 26, 2015 -

CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose) application features and functionality in ceramics:

1. In the application of ceramic blanks:
Increase the body's cohesion, making flexural strength doubled, reduce breakage rate, so that a uniform body of water evaporation, prevent dryness cracking, especially for use in large format tiles, polished billet, add the amount is generally

0.03% -0.15% CMC was added when using a ball mill grinding it together with other raw materials; may be pre-dissolved water, and then sufficiently mixed with mud.


2. Application of the glaze:
     Can adjust the viscosity of the glaze, optimized rheology, combine glaze improve performance, increase strength glazed, adjust the drying time of the glaze layer to obtain smooth glazed.
     In the end of the glaze, enamel surface is usually added to the amount of 0.80% -0.3%, less in winter than in summer,

when you use the CMC and other glazes added ball mill, or 3-4 hours before the ball was added.
3. In the printing glaze, glaze penetration application:
Excellent solubility, almost no insoluble matters, printing rheology good, consistent color.
Add Method: dosage of 1.5% to 3%, so that it can be used after the first CMC soluble glycol wet, then add the appropriate

amount of preservative seal.

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