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Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) (E466)

- Apr 03, 2015 -


Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) (E466) is a kind of modified cellulose gum (also known as the plant cellulose fiber). In food industry, it is used as a stabilizing agent, a thickening agent, film forming agent, suspending agent and additive agent.

Applications include ice cream, seasoning, sauce, pie, and Boudin. It is in accordance with the function served.

CMC can give a clear, slightly sticky, solution. It is soluble in cold water, but it is difficult to disperse when heating. CMC is a thickening of dry mixed drinks, to syrup, corrugated and ice cream, ice cream and stable, the batter and sour milk. It

makes the soil water retention cake powder combined with water, sugar and thickening.

Application of function
1.Yoghurt beverage to prevent phase separation, to protect and improve the taste of milk protein.
2.To improve the taste of instant cocoa, stability of emulsion. Fat substitute.
3.Ice-cream and Sorbet control of ice crystal growth, reduce the crisis. Viscosity control.
4.Cheese spreads fat and milk protein substitutes. Raise production. Prevention of dehydration.
5.Protection of fruit yogurt milk protein. Prevention of dehydration. Viscosity control.
6.Syrup ingredients and viscosity control and process management.
7.Bakery products improved freeze-thaw stability, aging control, structure and texture of the improved air battery
8.The protection of soups and sauces protein. Viscosity control. Freeze-thaw stability.
9.Marinade and dressing protein protection. Viscosity control. Suspended insoluble matter.
10.Alcohol wines, thickening and stability. Protein protection. Viscosity control.

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