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Application and precautions sodium carboxymethyl cellulose in the industry

- Aug 21, 2014 -

CMC in other industrial applications
In detergents, CMC can be used as anti-soil redeposition agents, particularly hydrophobic synthetic fabric soil anti-redeposition effect, significantly better than carboxymethyl cellulose.

CMC oil drilling mud can be used to protect oil wells as stabilizers, insurance agent, the amount of each shallow wells 2.3t, deep 5.6t;
Used as a sizing agent in the textile industry, printing paste thickener, textile printing and stiffening. The sizing agent can be used to improve the solubility and viscosity change, and easy desizing; as a stiffening agent in an amount of more than 95%; sizing agent used, the intensity of the plasma membrane, can be significantly improved bending performance; regenerated silk fibroin with and a composite film composed of carboxymethyl cellulose as the immobilization of glucose oxidase substrate, a carboxylic acid immobilization of glucose oxidase and ferrocene into a glucose biosensor having high sensitivity and stability. Studies have shown that at a concentration of 1% (w / v) CMC solution so prepared silica homogenized properties of the resulting thin layer chromatography plate is best, while the optimal conditions under which the thin plate having a coating system appropriate layer strength, suitable for a variety of pipetting technique, easy to operate. CMC had adhesion to most fibers, can improve the bonding between the fibers, the viscosity stability of the sizing ensures uniform, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the weaving. Can be used for textile finishing agents, in particular permanent wrinkle finish, durability to fabrics to bring variation.

CMC can be used as coatings anti-settling agents, emulsifiers, dispersing agents, leveling agents, adhesives, paint solids can be evenly distributed in the solvent, the coating of long-term non-hierarchical, but also widely used in paints .

When the CMC as a flocculant in removing calcium ions is more effective than sodium gluconate, used as cation exchange, the exchange capacity of up to 1.6 ml / g.
CMC is used in the paper industry, paper sizing, can significantly improve the paper dry strength and wet strength and oil resistance, ink and water resistance.
CMC as an aqueous sol, as thickeners in cosmetics, toothpaste, an amount of about 5%.
CMC can be used as flocculants, chelating agents, emulsifiers, thickeners, water retention agents, sizing agents, film forming materials, is also widely used in electronics, pesticides, leather, plastics, printing, ceramics, toothpaste, household chemicals and other areas , and because of its excellent performance and a wide range of uses, are continuing to open up new application areas, the market prospect is broad.

(1) This product with strong acids, alkalis, heavy metal ions (such as aluminum, zinc, mercury, silver, iron, etc.) compatibility are taboo.
(2) This product allows the intake of 0 ~ 25mg / kg · d.

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