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Viscosity polyanionic cellulose is like

- Aug 21, 2014 -

Viscosity polyanionic cellulose is like?
PAC HV (high viscosity polyanionic cellulose) is made from natural cellulose prepared by chemical modification of soluble fiber
Cellulose ether derivatives, is an important water-soluble cellulose ether, has good heat stability and salt
, Antimicrobial resistance. PAC HV is a high viscosity polymer molecular weight, typically used in water-based drilling fluids, can
Effectively reduce filtration various petroleum or natural gas water-based drilling fluids and drilling fluid can improve and stabilize
Viscosity, improve drilling fluid cleaning and stabilization.
Water: Water is a strongly swelling agent, the reaction of the cellulose, the cellulose can be disconnected between the molecular chains of hydrogen bonds, open pore structure, which greatly increase the internal surface area of cellulose, to improve the performance of the reaction, so that cellulose etherification, alkaline reaction, there must be the presence of water.
   Studies showed that the swelling of the moist cellulose, and its specific surface area can be increased more than 50-fold increase in the rate of thermal insulation vinegar about 4 times. After Hydra expansion, penetration of chemical reagents, played a decisive role in the proliferation of the number of pore diameter of about 5.Ox10m greatly increased. Cellulose alkalization phase, the water in the sodium ion hydration layer formed around, swelling into fibrils, primitive fibrils separated from each other, exposing all of the accessible surface biological state. Bolls of cotton fiber cell wall is saturated with water, fibrils are separated from each primitive, called the biological state of the cotton fibers, cotton fibers water retention time is 145%. When rejection of 16-18% NaOH aqueous cotton linter mercerized at room temperature, and then washed and not dried to a base, to restore the original volume of the biological state of the fibers under the water retention value of 115-118%, indicating that the water run expansion capability is very strong. However, great care must be hydrated after swelling sodium carboxymethyl cellulose sulfate, the drying due to the intermolecular hydrogen bond has been disconnected chains can be re-bonded together, the water is turned off also tend pores, called keratinization effect, if the drying temperature is too high, the drying speed is too fast, than the reactivity of the reaction water prior to the performance of the cellulose raw material is worse. Available water retention value (waterretention value) indicates the extent determined after drying cellulose structure is opened, Philipp such as water retention value spruce sulphite wood installed, when no drying 155%, 20 ℃ under the drying of 106%, 105 ℃ drying for 77%, 150 ℃ drying was 78% lower. So Bo pulp drying operation should be taken seriously enough.

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