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Properties of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose description

- Aug 21, 2014 -

Polyanionic cellulose description: a wettability, soluble in water at neutral or slightly alkaline when high-viscosity liquids. Of chemicals, heat, light stabilizers. Odorless, tasteless. CMC is carboxymethyl cellulose and prepared by the polymer obtained, the pure carboxymethylcellulose no practical value, the actual use of the sodium salt.
Uses: CMC is the maximum use of soap and synthetic detergent formulation, in the heavy duty detergent is supplemented with about 1% of CMC, to prevent dirt and then wash out the precipitate in the fabric. Second, the oil industry is used as a drilling mud suspension stabilizers, as additives in the paper industry can enhance the longitudinal strength and smoothness of the paper, the printing paper for the coatings can increase the adaptability of the food industry as thickeners, the ice cream emulsion stabilizers and inhibitors; used as a sizing agent in the textile industry, printing paste thickener; in the pharmaceutical industry can make injection of emulsion stabilizer, tablet binder and film former; in cosmetics, ceramics and for use as a thickener.

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